Adriatica Christian Academy

McKinney’s Premier Private Christian School

Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.

Premier Private Christian School in McKinney

At the Adriatica Christian Academy, we teach the time-honored tradition of Classical Education with an excellent balance of learning and faith for students from K to 12th grade.  We believe every student matters!  Our faculty, administration and staff are dedicated to providing your student with a quality education built upon Christ-centered relationship.

Our Mission

The mission at Adriatica Christian Academy is to equip Christ-centered leaders and cultivate confident creative thinkers for a lifetime of influence.  Prayerfully consider joining us in our mission and taking the next step towards being a part of our school.


(K to 5th Grade)

Our kids get a head start on learning while building great social skills with their new friends.


(6th to 8th Grade)

From exciting learning activities to finding new interests, we help our rising youth discover their paths.


(9th to 12th Grade)

We prepare and equip our older teens for study habits in college and future challenges in life.

Why Classical Education and Fine Arts?

A Classical Education

Adriatica Christian Academy, a private Christian school in McKinney TX, embraces the time-honored tradition of the Classical Education.  We integrate the classical Trivium model of education with a strong biblical worldview. The word Trivium is translated from Latin and means “three roads”. These three roads are Grammar (educate), Logic (evaluate), and Rhetoric (express).  This teaching style follows a student’s natural capacity to learn while moving from child to teen to adult.

Conservatory of Fine Arts

The connection between the Fine Arts and brain development is supported by research. New evidence is showing that learning to play an instrument and learning to sing can have a profound impact on the brain. Music also teaches the importance of work ethic and the pursuit of excellence. Learning an instrument and preparing a piece of music takes hard work and consistent practice. We have a place for every student to participate in our Conservatory of Fine Arts including private lessons with exceptional instructors.

Why Adriatica Christian Academy?


Passioned to Educate Students


Focused on a Classical Education


Dedicated to Serve Each Family

What Our Parents Are Saying

My child is attending Adriatica Christian Academy for his second year and he LOVES going! Each of the teachers and staff are truly like family. This school has perfected the classical-Christian-STEM combo, and their conservatory is amazing to boot! ACA is truly an innovative, one-of-a-kind private Christian school! We are so blessed to be a part of what is going on here.


Proud Parent

This is my daughters first year at Adriatica Christian Academy. She previously attended a larger school where we watched her shrink. At Adriaica Christian she is flourishing. She is tries new things, speaks in front of her class, sings in choir and understands her core subjects. ACA is a place where there is no judgment, but acceptance among her peers and love given by teachers and staff.


Happy Mama